USB Eurorack Power Supply


Portable USB (type A connector) power supply for Eurorack synthesizer modules. This unit connects to a USB power supply source and provides +/-12v, 5v power for Eurorack format synth modules.

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Portable USB power supply for Eurorack synthesizer modules. Perfect as a bench test power supply, or for your next Eurorack lunchbox build. This power supply uses a DD1718PA circuit to provide Dc±12v and 5v filtered power from any USB power source. The module features 4 keyed Eurorack power connectors and 4 small mounting holes. The overhang of the USB type A jack from the circuit board makes this a perfect solution for a small Eurorack case build.


  • Maximum Input Current 1.8A
  • Output Dc±12 Deviation: ±4%
  • Maximum Output Current +12V: 700mA
  • Maximum Output Current -12V: 150mA*
  • Maximum Output Current +5V: (same as input)

What’s Included?

  • 1 USB Eurorack Power Supply
  • 1 6ft. USB A to USB B cable

*-12v power may not be used without +12v in use.

This item was designed, hand-soldered, and tested in Gainesville, FL by Wesley Sinks.


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